Pentagon cancels contract won by Microsoft during Trump era

The U.S. Department of Defense (Pentagon) has canceled the $10 billion Joint Defense Infrastructure Initiative (JEDI) tender that Amazon brought to court, allegedly unfairly awarded to Microsoft.

“Today, the Department of Defense has canceled the Joint Defense Infrastructure Initiative Cloud tender and initiated contract termination procedures. The Department has determined that the JEDI Cloud project no longer meets its needs due to changing requirements, increased cloud communications, and advances in the industry,” the Pentagon said in a statement. statements were included.

The Pentagon aims to receive bids from a limited number of sources, such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS), in the statement, in which it is stated that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will launch a new multi-stakeholder and indefinite tender for a new cloud project called Joint Combat Cloud Capability.

The statement noted:

“The Department will immediately engage with the industry and continue market research to determine whether any other US-based hyperscale cloud service providers can meet the Department of Defense’s requirements. If another provider is judged to be able to meet the department’s requirements, it will receive a proposal from there as well.”

It was stated in the statement that the cancellation of the project was decided in accordance with the interests of the US government, and that a negotiation would be held between the US administration and the company for Microsoft’s business and settlement expenses.

On October 26, 2019, Microsoft won the 10 billion dollar giant technology tender for the modernization of the Pentagon’s information infrastructure.

Amazon, on the other hand, applied to the court on the grounds that the JEDI cloud tender was awarded to Microsoft with a biased and flawed evaluation.

Amazon also claimed that the tender was not awarded to Amazon due to a disagreement between former US President Donald Trump and company founder Jeff Bezos.

With this statement, it was stated that Amazon implied that Trump was involved in the bidding against Amazon.

The project, which included the transfer of all data, including the confidential information of the Ministry, to the cloud to be established, would be completed in 10 years.

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