Another step for low carbon economy from Koç Holding

Koç Holding joined the global supporters of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), which was established by the Financial Stability Board of the G-20 as part of its roadmap to become carbon neutral in 2050.

According to the Holding statement, the Climate-Related Financial Statements Task Force aims to manage the risks and potential opportunities arising from climate change, to set targets in this direction, and to share the progress achieved by companies with their stakeholders.

As Koç Group, we take environmental, social and corporate governance issues to the future. Emphasizing that they manage within the framework of the ‘Together’ strategy, Koç Holding CEO Levent Çakıroğlu said, “As Koç Group, we take care to act with an approach that puts people in its focus and protects the world and society while growing our business. I believe that the framework presented by this task force is very valuable in our group’s journey towards a low carbon economy. In every step we take regarding climate change during the cultural transformation process we are in, we are focusing on realizing studies that will carry our Group among global leaders.”


Çakıroğlu stated that they closely follow the Green Agreement, which the European Union puts at the center of the fight against climate change, as well as an economic growth model that will accelerate digital transformation and provide competitive advantage. And after becoming the first company in Turkey to commit to use the ‘Stakeholder Capitalism Indicators’, which will contribute to our transparent sharing of our progress, in its corporate reporting, we now aim to further our efforts in this area by taking part in the Climate-Related Financial Statements Task Force.” made its assessment.

Çakıroğlu said, “One of the strategic parts of our carbon transformation journey, the details of which will be shared with the public in the coming period, will be the targets we will set at the Koç Group level, taking into account the risks and opportunities in the focus of climate change. In this process, we will take the global framework determined by the ‘Climate-Related Financial Statements Task Force’, known as TCFD, as one of our important guides.

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